“Very useful information. During class was able to discuss opportunities at our site and to take back to improve our efforts.” – Daid Zimmerman

“Great class to shine a light where not many people look and can improve machine reliability tremendously.  Looking forward to implementing ideas and practices back at the plant.” – Kyle Burt

“The implications of machine health play a large role in the success of production. This course is a guide to allow businesses to be more successful.” – Joe Leistikow

“We put three of our folks through your MLT1, web-based training course a couple of months ago.
Among the many things they are doing with their new knowledge, they have been taking oil samples for analysis, and reviewing the results. The team immediately found over a million dollars worth of gearboxes were at risk with low viscosity oil.  The class paid for itself, in days, with just that one facet of your training – thank you!”  – Justin Couch, TemCo

” I would say this is the best training I have had in my 25 years with Boise”  -Shelly Rizzuto, Boise – PCA

“After nearly 30 years in the metalworking/maintenance/supervisory fields, I have learned more in a 4 day class than in my years of experience.” – Michael Winterheimer, Alcoa

“Mike Johnson is a very knowledgable instructor. He can deliver the technical information in such a way that makes it understandable. I would recommend his class for anyone who comes in contact with oil.
-Jeff Ray, Alcoa

When asked how does this class compare to other trainings: “Much better, I have been in this class before that was hosted by a different company and this was much more enjoyable.”  -Charles Byrnes, PetroChoice

What I liked best about this training was “the interaction with the instructor and other particpants.” -Chuck Bothwell

“AMRRI(s) MLT/MLA Level I class will prepare you for your MLT test!”  -Dillon Hedges, SKF

“I thought the class was great. It was very informative and I feel much better about offering lubrication advice to my customers”   -Robert Alexander, SKF

“This training prepares the student to understand the reasoning why. I attended a training prior that seemed only to focus towards the certification exam. This training actually helps in applying what I’ve learned to the plant floor.”  –Jon-David Blair, Cargill                                                                                    

“Very well taught class. information was easy to follow and well explained. Superior to other training. Mike Johnson not only provided easy to follow instructions and information, he also promoted an environment that welcomed questions and sparked educational discussions that benefited everyone in attendance.”  -Bob Quayle, USG Interiors

“I had Mike and his team build a complete route based lube plan for LSR including implementation of the LUBE-IT software package and handhelds for route administration. They did excellent work and it was a pleasure working with the team.”  -Bob Griffith, Cargil