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New: One Day Condition Monitoring Workshops

We’re excited to participate in complimentary one day Condition Monitoring Technology Workshops. We try to plan these throughout the year in various spots around the US so keep an eye out and hopefully we’ll be in your backyard soon! Join us in Lake Charles, LA on July 24 & Houston, TX on July 25 where [...]

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Did You Know AMRRI Offers Hands-On Lubrication Training?

Hands-On Lubrication Training The purpose of this course is to deliver foundational skills and knowledge to operators and lubrication technicians through a hands-on learning experience that will achieve greater understanding and retention and therefore more effective in performing required lubrication tasks. The course provides a 50/50 mix of classroom instruction and hands-on practical application of [...]

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AMRRI Training Tackles the Skilled Technician Shortage

A message from Mike Johnson: ​​"The skills and talent deficit continues! Every plant we go to is looking for skilled trades - mechanics, electricians, machinists, millwrights, lubrication technicians.  This skills gap challenge will only be met when we, the employers of these positions, seek out willing candidates for this work, and put them in positions to [...]

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Summer Training Schedule

Interested in attending a training class this summer? Below is a list of the courses being offered. Click the title to visit the web page with complete details. Also, online courses are always available with the cost/course listed below. Finally, at the bottom is a brief video from Mike Johnson explaining why training with AMRRI [...]

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What is the Value of Machine Lubrication Training on Your Site?

A Message From Mike: Consider this: the money you spend on lubricants represents only 1% of your net maintenance budget. (2% if your site makes paper, 3% if your site makes metal).  Your Machine Lubrication Labor component should represent another 2-4% of your maintenance budget.  How WELL you deploy the lubricant and labor Directly Impacts [...]

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Machine Lubrication Engineering: Every Companies Essential Care Program

A blog post by Mike Johnson: Machine lubrication engineering is an essential part of every company's essential care program.  Thorough, accurate, efficient work plans for lubrication technicians represents the backbone for mechanical reliability success every bit as much as Precision Installation, Precision Alignment, and Precision Balancing.  The machine reliability engineering community  is increasingly warming to this [...]

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Sign Up for June Training Classes Today!

Make plans now to attend a training class in June. MLA/MLT I, MLA II and a Specialty Workshop are being offered. Dates and locations are listed below, simply click the training you are interested and you will be directed to the registration page of the website. AMRRI’s MLA Level I course is a 4-day class [...]

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After the Benchmark: Improving Work Practices

After the Benchmark: Precision Lubrication Practices The next step in the lubrication program optimization process is to define the work that must be done based on the results of the Benchmark Analysis.  Although time consuming initially, thorough documentation of these practices and enforcing them ensures that they are carried out even if personnel changes occur.  In operating [...]

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What is the Purpose of a Benchmark?

What is the Purpose of a Benchmark for Machine Lubrication? Below is a great video Mike Johnson created to explain what the purpose of a Benchmark for Machine Lubrication. The first step in developing a machine lubrication program is to measure the effectiveness of the machines for the purpose of continuous improvement through a Benchmark [...]

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