Lubrication Program Optimization

AMRRI can help you build optimum, precise and rigorous standards with our proven method of crafting reliability programs and predictive maintenance via our lubrication program optimization. We set up a reliability-centered industrial machine lubrication program that is custom-built for your facility, and teach your team how to carry-out each element of the program. A typical program is usually 9-12 weeks broken in to multiple visits. Some programs, based on plant size and number of machines, may take longer. Each step can be a stand-alone element or combined to provide best possible results.

Lubrication Program Optimization steps are as follows:

  1. Benchmark Analysis
  2. Machine Location and Mapping
  3. Precision Lubrication Practices Development
  4. Linear Route Development
  5. Implementation
  6. Condition Monitoring with Fluid Forensics
  7. Storage and Handling Improvments Design and Implementation
  8. Training


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