Machine Lubrication Training & Industrial Maintenance Training

machine lubrication training program

On Site Machine Lubrication Training & Industrial Maintenance Training

AMRRI delivers knowledge and education through online,  public and private industrial machine lubrication training programs, and the very best in industrial maintenance training.

We offer the following machine lubrication training options for industrial maintenance training:

Machine Lubrication Technician (MLT) Training Level I and II
Machine Lubricant Analysis (MLA) Level I and II
Hands-On Machine Lubrication Training Courses
Lube-It Training
Industry Specific Training


machine lubrication training and education programs

Professional and experienced machine lubrication training specialists will train and develop the right program for your machine maintenance.

All of our machine lubrication training & industrial maintenance training is thorough, engaging and presented in an interactive method that helps your maintenance team tackle the toughest machine lubrication issues no matter what the delivery medium.   Click here to read what people are saying about AMRRI’s machine lubrication training and education.

  • Public Events are the traditional 3-4 full-day formats and are delivered multiple times per year in various locations through the US and Canada.  They offer timely and practical knowledge that can be put to immediate use on the job and prepares the participant for certification testing of MLT1, MLA1, MLT2 and MLA2.
  • Private Events are developed, designed and delivered to meet a company’s specific need whether it be certification training, hands on training or a combination of the two.  These machine lubrication trainings are usually held on the customer’s premises or location of choice and are usually more economical if at least 6 employees are attending the training.
  • Online Courses cover the exact same content as both the Public and Web Based Events but are formatted so the participant can cover the material at his or her own pace. There are 10-20 video segments that range in length from 35-70 minutes depending on the course. Students will watch the videos as they follow along in the training manual. There is a suggested review of each segment in questions/answer format that will reinforce the concepts taught during the video.
  • Live Web-Based Events are comprised of 15-20 hours of live training via a webcast platform and 10 hours of individual study time spread over a 10 day period.  Each day consists of a morning training followed by  individual study and an afternoon training followed by  individual study. Our web-based program is designed for the person who would prefer not to be away from their responsibilities for an entire week but also has the flexibility in their work day that they can be in front of the computer for both am and pm training sessions.
  • Credit Centered Courses at a Community College, usually in coordination of a local company.

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AMRRI’s technical library contains over 50 articles that feature detailed and applicable information on building reliability programs, oil analysis, machine lubrication selection, application, cleanliness and storage.

AMRRI’s glossary contains an alphabetical list of terms that cover machine reliability and oil analysis domain of knowledge with the definitions of those terms. It also explains the concepts relevant to these terms.