Machine Lubrication Technician

AMRRI offers a variety of public lubrication training classes that are engaging and interactive. Our lubrication certification preparation courses are presented in conformance with the ICML Body of Knowledge including MLTI, MLAI, MLTII, MLAII. In addition, AMRRI has also partnered with other leaders in the industry to provide relevant courses such as Root Cause Bearing Damage Analysis and Infrared Thermography.

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AMRRI unique offering is a 4-day class that covers both the MLTI and MLAI Body of Knowledge in accordance to ISO 18436-4. It provides the foundational training for reliability-centered machine lubrication work practices AND oil-sample based condition assessment. This class will help you understand the positive impact that high quality lubrication practices can have on your machine’s health and your plant’s productivity. Participants will learn how to transform an existing lubrication process from modest and reactive to thorough, accurate and proactive. The MLT I or MLA I exam is administered on the Friday morning after the class through ICML. Registration for either or both exams can be done through ICML at or call (918)-259-2950. A supplemental exam can be administered at later date to gain both certifications if you don’t want to take both exams on the same day.

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Cost: $1295

2017 Schedule *ICML certification test administered on Friday morning

Feb 20-23 Houston, TX at SKF  more info
March 13-17 Birmingham, AL at SKF  more info
May 8-11 Burlington, ON at WearCheck
May 15-19 St. Louis, MO at SKF more info
June 19-23 Chicago, IL at Tribologik more info
July 10-14 Philadelphia, PA at SKF more info 
Sept 18-22 Cleveland, OH  at SKF more info
Nov 6-9 (Mon-Thurs) Houston, TX at SKF more info


MLA Level II and III

AMRRI’s new 4-day MLAII and MLA III course is in accordance with the ISO 18436-4 Body of Knowledge that includes oil sampling, lubricant health, contamination measurement and control and wear debris monitoring analysis. Personnel attending this course will gain a high level of knowledge around evaluation of used oil samples. Included in this seminar is a hands-on workshop of lubricant analysis allowing the attendee to put newly learned knowledge into practice. The MLA Level II or MLA Level III exam is administered on Friday morning following the class through ICML. Registration for the exam can be done through ICML at or call (918)-259-2950.

PDF of MLA Level II and III Course Outline

Cost: $1295


August 7-11 St. Louis, MO at SKF  more info
Sept 11-15 Burlington, ON at WearCheck
Nov 6-10 Chicago or Montreal


MLT Level II

This advanced level class was developed to help program managers, lubrication engineers and first line technicians develop their ability to articulate machine specifications and technically accurate lubrication practices. AMRRI’s MLTII course offers the ICML Body of Knowledge including lubrication theory and formulations; testing and analysis; lubricant selection and application; maintenance strategy; lubricant condition control and storage. This course includes practical case studies and problem solving activities to help students retain and recall methods that tackle real world challenges. The MLT Level II exam is administered on Friday morning following the class through ICML. Registration for the exam can be done through ICML at or call 918-259-2950.

This training is in partnership with MRG Laboratories and occurs at York College’s J.D. Brown Entrepreneurship Center. For your convenience, registration of this MRG provided class is offered through AMRRI.  Once registered, communication will be direct with MRG.

Cost: $1295

MLT Level II     Feb 27-Mar 10  Web Based Class- Online
MLT Level II     Nov 6-10         York, PA at MRG more info

Machine Lubrication Operator Based Care

The course provides a 50/50 mix of classroom instruction and hands-on practical application of the instructional material over a 3-day period. The approach will be to introduce a concept or practice followed by a practical demonstration by the instructor, which is then followed by student practice and demonstration of mastery of the concept or practice.The purpose of this course is to deliver foundational skills and knowledge to operators and lubrication technicians through a hands-on learning experience that will achieve greater understanding and retention and therefore more effective in performing required lubrication tasks.  More information about the class can be found here.

 Cost: $1295

April 11-13 St. Louis, MO at SKF  more here
October 3-5 St. Louis, MO at SKF more here